Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Are IUID Data Matrix Verifiers?

Item Unique Identification Code (IUID) is a type of branding that is required by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in order to maintain a record of most possessions of the U.S. military. This system was introduced primarily for security reasons. All contractors producing of any kind of items, weapons, or other assets for the U.S. Government must have a unique individual code marked on each of their products. The IUID code makes possible a very accurate record of every article’s distribution within or outside the borders of the U.S. territory. The codes are composed of numbers, text, and 2D Data Matrix barcodes. These barcodes are readable with the use IUID data matrix verifiers and other data matrix compatible scanners.

What is a UID Data Matrix Verifier?

IUID data matrix verifiers are scanners that decode an item’s unique identification code for compliance verification purposes. This is done in order to ensure the IUID is accurate and meets the necessary Military specifications. These systems typically perform two separate quality control tests of UID data matrix codes as stated in MIL-STD-130 standards. One test often consists of a data syntax check of a barcode's data string. A second test evaluates overall image quality. For a smooth Department of Defense application, all UID codes must be able to pass both of these quality control tests for true compliance to MIL-STD-130.

Before an article is assigned a unique code and tested with a UID data matrix verifier, the coding process must be performed according to the Military standards established by MIL-SPEC-130 or MIL-SPEC-129 guidelines. To minimize confusion, the Department of Defense has elaborately documented the entire process of IUID coding and spelled out the conditions that qualify a contractor and the items produced by them to receive this unique identification. While undergoing registration of the items many important factors must be kept in mind. The best IUID data matrix verifiers are able to read only legible prints, which have to be placed in a proper position so that the scanner can reach that particular part of the item. Until and unless all these criteria are observed, it becomes difficult for a UID data matrix verifier to perform its functions accurately.

What do the IUID data matrix verifiers read?

The IUID data matrix verifiers read codes for a particular item, its serial numbers, the manufacturer’s code, and overall mark quality. The entire system is a very credible means of confirming that identification markings will meet the military asset tracking and security criteria for the United States.

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