Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Facts on IUID Data Matrix Verifiers

Some government contractors complain that UID is a confusing concept. However, this is probably because of the lengthy information that is currently available. The unique identification code, or UID, that the U.S. Government requires on all military assets provides enhanced security measures for immediate identification and tracking of each individual item. Each product or part provided to various military units must be marked with its own unique code that is in compliance with MIL-SPEC-130 or MIL-SPEC-129 standards. These identification marks must remain legible, high contrast, and durable for the full lifetime of the product. Marks must withstand harsh environmental and industrial environments while remaining permanent. (This permanence must outlast general weathering and UV exposure over time when stored in outside yards, for example.)

IUID Data Matrix Verifiers

The entire identification process requires certain steps in processing. Beginning with the authentication and registration of the items a particular contractor is assigned to provide. Smarter manufacturers prefer to implement IUID Data Matrix Verifiers to ensure compliance of MIL SPEC requirements. These specifications provide the exact nomenclature, information types, and formats for the entire UID label. Whether these marks are printed onto labels and then affixed to a product; or marked direct-to-part, all are required to meet a series of Department of Defense specifications for successful fulfillment. Often, successful contractors will utilize IUID data matrix verifiers to be sure of compliant codes, or labels. IUID data matrix verifiers are specialized scanners that are programmed to verify and grade presented identification marks. Tracability is the primary reason why the Department of Defense (DoD) developed such a system of security processing; so that even in the worst case their administration can readily track down any item referring to its readable codes stored within the UID registry.

Functions of the IUID Data Matrix Verifiers

IUID data matrix verifiers read codes that are presented to their screening device. Most match the scanned data to internal software that has been pre-programmed relating to the stored data for specialized application specifications. The verifier will typically provide a legibility reading, sometimes known as a grade, to indicate the level of compliance to preset parameters.

IUID data matrix verifiers serve a variety of purposes for verifying marked products prior to distribution. To learn more about IUID data matrix verifiers one can log on to for more detailed information. Visit ID Integration to learn more about a full range of UID solutions for government contractors and suppliers.

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