Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Important Facts about UID Data Matrix Verifiers

A two-dimensional, data matrix barcode consists of square modules, is black and white in color, and arranged in a rectangular or square pattern. The information encoded on a 2D Data Matrix code can be either text or binary. UID Data Matrix Verifiers read the label, or the UID (Unique Identification Code), and recognizes it as a property of a particular group, organization, or manufacturing batch.

An IUID Data Matrix Verifier captures the image of the label that is held against its field of view and then evaluates the symbol on the basis of a standard that has been set previously. Apart from identification, tracking, and authentication, UID Data Matrix Verifiers help in maintaining quality control and data analysis reports. Once the items have been marked with a unique identification code, IUID Data Matrix Verifier software is then installed. The IUID Data Matrix Verifier recognizes, identifies, authenticates, and helps to track all the items that belong to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD formally established a set of rules and standards as policy in July of 2003, which governs the marking, registering, and tracking of all military assets with a unique identification code. This UID coding system came into being to facilitate the process of stocking, storing, recognizing, and tracking all U.S. Department of Defense property and possessions.

Marking should be performed according to the specifications described in the appropriate guidelines; whether MIL-SPEC-130, MIL-STD-129, or DFARS 252.211-7003. For nearly all DoD applications, the UID code must be marked or tagged on a readily visible part of the item. UID Data Matrix Verifiers must be able to read the code that has been marked. Therefore, marks must be clearly legible, crisp, and in the appropriate nomenclature and formats detailed in all UID specifications. Maintaining a compliant UID code enables UID Data Matrix Verifiers to read the code, capture its data, and verify the identification as a specific item belonging to the military. In fact, a UID identification system and an IUID Data Matrix Verifier are currently used not only by the DoD, but also other corporations and manufacturing facilities across the world. The key fact, in the successful adoption and implementation of these devices, is that the IUID Data Matrix Verifier functions very effectively to protect the safety, security, and efficiency of a manufactured product. The development and adoption of the UID identification code has brought about immense change in the way security and verification are carried out as an identification process in the United States.

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