Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Basic Know-How on UID

Ever since the unique identification coding process (UID) was introduced by the U.S. government to maintain registration and record of the assets belonging to the military, several manufacturing companies began producing quality verifiers. In order to understand the concept of the verifiers one has to know their functions. A verifier is a scanner that verifies the UID codes given to each individual product of the U.S. military. These codes are unique to each single article. The scanners are ready to check for MIL-SPEC-130 compliance and their programming will enable them to recognize certain signs, symbols, and other special features that are inscribed on the UID mark of the items. These verifiers play a very special role in validating and verifying information contained within compliant UID codes for the most efficient operation.

In the context of reading UID codes, it can be said that the market has been flooded by several manufacturers who claim their verifiers as capable of reading even the most complicated UID codes. However, the Cognex DataMan 7500V has established such a high standard of performance among all other verifiers that it has developed great popularity and demand. Cognex products are known for their integrated functioning and longevity. The Cognex DataMan 7500V has many operational advantages, including accuracy of readability of unique identification (UID) codes along with smoothness of functioning without making the process complex and messy.

What is unique about Cognex DataMan 7500V?

The first advantage of Cognex DataMan 7500V is that it is a user-friendly product. This means that the person using the device should not face any technical problems while operating the Cognex DataMan 7500V. The convenient and integrated style is another popular feature of the Cognex DataMan 7500V. This product is available in corded and cordless versions; and is also a lightweight product, which allows the user the convenience of being mobile and comfortable at the same time. The technical synthesis of Cognex DataMan 7500V is also remarkable. With 30-degree dark-field lighting, this verifier also provides the ease of optimized distance reading of today’s UID codes.

What is best about the Cognex DataMan 7500V is that it is designed under the standards of the AIM DPM guidelines for the U.S. Government’s MIL-STD-130 standards and also complies with the B-17 rules of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

Apart from this, the Cognex group also provides optional accessories like calibration cards and a 7500-series standoff device.

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