Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Highlighting the Significance of a Microscan UID DPM Compliance Verifier

A Unique Identification System, or UID, is a proven method introduced by the United States Department of Defense to facilitate better asset accountability and management. Every tangible item under the Department of Defense’s possession must be marked with a unique identifier that is often a data string marked in the form of a 2D data matrix symbol or barcode. The U.S military has also established guidelines and regulations regarding how the unique identification marking is to be done and what should be contained in the UID mark. Every defense supplier and subcontractor must comply with these standards when it comes to unique identification codes and, hence, must be knowledgeable about the regulations pertaining to the required marking process.

It is also necessary to verify that each code has indeed been marked following the military standards, like MIL-STD-130, DFAR 252.211-7003, and MIL-SPEC-129. The UID has been designed specifically to read and verify unique identification codes, which most often include a data matrix symbol, as required by the Department of Defense. This UID mark may be accomplished through a variety of technologies. Some of the most popular marking technologies include dot peen stylus indenting, laser etching, and even industrial inkjet printing on the surface of rubber, plastic and different types of metals. The Microscan UID DPM Compliance Verifier evaluates whether the data-matrix symbols or codes have been marked on products following the Department of Defense standards including MIL-STD-130 and DFAR 252.211-7003. The Microscan UID DPM Compliance Verifier enables defense contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to comply with unique identification rules and standards specified by the United States military through the addition of a handful of accessories to the UID DPM Compliance Verifier.

Microscan’s UID DPM Compliance Verifier is actually a standalone desktop unit which can also be put to use as a portable device or positioned, in-line on a stand. The Microscan UID DPM Compliance Verifier is also built to comply with the all the different lighting features mentioned in AIM DPM-1-2006, which require that the verifier has medium and low-angle four direction, low-angle two and single direction, diffuse-perpendicular as well as off-axis, dome-lighting options. This makes it an advanced data and syntax verifier that is capable of data-matrix -quality grading and so much more. The combination of so many features within a single unit makes the Microscan UID DPM Compliance Verifier a best choice among different IUID data-matrix verifiers in the market. The design, advanced features, and flexibility of usage have made this particular verifier one of the most popular choices among defense contractors and suppliers.

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