Tuesday, May 24, 2011

About the Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier

The Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier is a testing verifier, which identifies and verifies that a particular item is property labeled. This is especially important for any suppliers and subcontractors that work with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). This is because the DoD has established relevant and specific sets of rules and regulations that require just about every part, product, or other property to be marked with a special identification code, which is used in stocking, storing, tracking, and identification of all property owned by the military.

Each and every such tool or scanner verifies and evaluates a symbol or a code on the basis of these specifications. The items are marked with a special code and when the verifier scans the item, it reads the code and identifies it as a property of the military or any other organization or establishment. This verifier thus helps in confirming the compliance of a code marked on a variety of labels and data plates in a stand-alone solution.

Let us consider the various characteristics and benefits of the Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier, which verifies in accordance to the specifications outlined by the U.S. Department of Defense in MIL-STD-130 and DFAR 252.211-7003:

• Labels and data plates can be verified easily and quickly, with the help of a Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier. Just a few accessories are needed and you’re quickly on your way to improving the quality of your DoD Compliance.

• The Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier complies completely with the unique identification specifications and standards as given in MIL-STD-130 specifications. This innovative verifier also delivers reports that can assist greatly with quality assurance and repeatable, or auditable, results.

• This compliance verifier is designed with a compact footprint and integrated features; including a camera, fixed optics, memory, and specialty lighting. The Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier is one of the best options available for DoD suppliers.

• The verification is completed with ease by operating just one button making the entire verification process very simple, quick, and convenient.

• AIM DPM is one of the newest verification capabilities of the Microscan UID LDP Compliance Verifier.

• Finally, this verifier is compatible retroactively with each MIL-STD-130release.

Overall, this verifier model is very effective in authenticating, identifying, verifying, and archiving a multitude of labels and data plates. This is an effective tool for anyone involved in a compliance marking application.

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