Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Are The Processes of Submitting Items to The IUID Registry?

The Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry is known as the central bank of IUID information. It plays an indispensable part in the identification and classification of items that are at the disposal of the Department of Defense (DoD). Likewise, it also helps the Department to find out the preliminary value of the items during their acquisition, acquisition time, rightful custody and the marking process as well. The IUID Registry helps the DoD keep track of it’s inventory.

Unique Identification is a system designed and planned by the Department of Defense to differentiate one object from another through their entire life cycle processes. The IUID has become an essential part of the DoD. The IUIDhas been useful to the Department in capturing the value of items it buys, controlling these items during their use, and tracking counterfeiting of parts.

The IUID acts as a universal method of parts identification. It is the most important element which assists the Department in its efforts to locate, control and value its assets over time. In its IUID policy, the DoD has made it mandatory that all the qualifying items must be marked with two-dimensional Data Matrix which should be encoded with a Unique Item Identifier (UID).

As the Department’s information systems have become more web-savvy, the IUID assists with financial integration, accountability systems, maintenance and life cycle visibility of the items that are stored within it. Aside from enhancing the quality of information available for management configuration, it will help in other important matters such as operational planning, logistics support and systems engineering. In short, IUID Registry facilitates joint, paperless management of DoD property.

Procedure of Submitting Data in the IUID Registry
All the government manufacturing activities and commercial manufacturers ought to be registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CRR) system before registration with the IUID Registry.If you are serious about conducting business with Government Furnished Property, you have to submit data to the IUID Registry. The users must register themselves to obtain their login credentials and access rights before using the Controlled Access portion of the IUID Registry. Also, you have to be a government employee or an U.S. Government Contractor with approval from the DoD Program Manager to obtain login information for the IUID Registry.

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