Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UID Laser Marking: an elementary Component of UID Registration

These days a number of industry groups including ISO9000 and other international manufacturing standards have mandated permanent part identification and Direct Part Marketing (DPM) to boost the traceability of their items. Therefore, the Unique Item Identifier (UID) laser marking method bears immense significance in this scenario. The product identification must be permanently marked directly onto the part’s surface as per the directive of Department of Defense (DoD). Among all the methods used for marking identification number onto products, UID laser marking is considered to be the most efficient and error-free.

UID marking is compulsory for all the items delivered to the Department with a unit acquisition value of $5,000.00 or above, including all embedded sub-assemblies, mission essential components or parts that are serially managed by the DoD. In addition, the format of the mark must satisfy the requirement of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS).

Advantage of UID Laser Marking
UID laser marking is one of the most lasting, dependable, high contrast, and versatile marking technology available for UID applications. The rising popularity of UID laser marking applications can be attributed to the following advantages.
1. UID laser marking is an eco-friendly option to silk screening, chemical etching, pad printing, mechanical engraving, stamping and various other costly, lower quality processes.
2. UID laser marking has higher resolution than other methods, which makes it easy for embedding more data in the UID marks.
3. Laser marking and engraving are a unique method to identify and decorate your product items.
Therefore, for the different fields of medical, ad specialties, automotive, to the latest in UID code identification, serialization, and verification, UID laser marking is suitable for a variety of marking purposes.

Benefits of UID Laser Marking to the DoD
The UID laser marking 2D Matrix symbol on parts or sub-assemblies helps the DoD to improve inventory accuracy, accurately source items on property, decrease inventory management costs, improve access to part history during the design or lifespan of items, and reduce workforce burden through augmented efficiency and productivity.

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