Thursday, March 15, 2012

Better Compliance for UID Labels with the Boeing UID Scanner

Unique identification, or UID, verification is necessary for high priced valuables. UID requires labels that are placed on products and parts owned, sold, or maintained by the government. This system was introduced in 2003 by the United States Department of Defense. The ultimate reason was to securely track the production and ownership of governmental assets and properties. However, to proceed with this, the government created a series of guidelines and regulations for implementing a Unique Identification code and Registry to record all necessary assets. This development created a high demand for reliable UID labels, or marking, and compliant UID scanners.

The need for UID labels

UID labels should contain all details regarding the manufacturing company, the product type, as well as include an item-unique, serial number, special codes for unique identification, and more. MIL STD 130 states these details throughout the documentation. Thus, the need for UID labels is not only restricted to tracking an item, but also to separate products into categories to maintain practical records. The categorization is primarily based on the value or price of an item.

The role of a UID scanner

A UID scanner reads UID labels. In this regard, the Boeing UID scanner has earned quality reviews from manufacturers. A Boeing UID scanner integrates the codification system with high-level data assessing, repair, and replacement needs. All this has been made possible with the application of advanced programming capability for unique item identifiers.

The Boeing UID scanner includes convenient features, such as:

• 2D Barcode support

• “Out-of-the-box” support for UID

• Visible ASCII 0-31 support

• UID validation with UII output

• Validation error reporting

• Custom UID parsing

• Setup software requirements

• Custom prefix and suffix definition

• On-board database lookup

• Photo capture

• Supports custom applications

All information is stored in a systemized manner and data can be easily accessed at a later time.

A quality product, Boeing UID scanner consists of a camera with fixed optics, illuminated lightening and hi-tech memory backup. However, when performing tests and checks the Boeing UID scanner should be properly handled.

With increasing alertness about UID labels, the Boeing UID scanner is considered beyond existing formats. This scanner can help today’s companies to meet with the stringent implementation of standards set by the Department of Defense. For more information, please visit and see what sets this high performance UID scanner apart from competing models.

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