Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Advanced Features of a Lockheed Martin IUID Scanner

UID, or unique identification, bar codes are readable only with the use of a special device: A scanner. However, unlike regular scanners, UID scanners are a different in functional and operational activities. UID scanners have specific data and analytic performance. Production data contained on UID labels is recorded and assessed by the scanner. This helps to easily track products, items, and assets belonging to the government of the United States of America. The UID marking system was put in effect in order to prevent misplacement, misuse, and mismanagement of government possessions.

UID labels contain important information like a manufacturer’s ID, a manufacturer’s license, product type, code number, item-unique serial number, and date of manufacture. However, all of the information is not written in simple text, letters or numbers. Binary formats are used to codify the number in order to prevent forgery and duplicacy. Therefore, to read and record the binary data of UID labels a special scanner is needed. Lockheed Martin IUID scanner is one commendable model.

Why use a Lockheed Martin IUID scanner?

The new Lockheed Martin IUID scanner easily handles any UID concerns. This multitasking scanner includes many custom features.

These include:

• 2D barcode support

• “Out-of-the-box” support for UID

• Visible ASCII 0-31 support

• UID validation with UII output

• Validation error reporting

• Custom UID parsing

• Setup software requirements

• Custom prefix and suffix definition

• On-board database lookup

• Photo capture

• Supports custom applications

The Lockheed Martin IUID Scanner has reasonably justified its preference for UID labels in the market. There are several merits included with this scanner. While UID labels have their own set of guidelines, similarly a scanner has to comply with certain factors that authenticate the review process. Lockheed Martin IUID scanner astoundingly fulfills the requirements for compliance.

Lockheed Martin IUID scanner is perfect to help track data and assess quick information from the product. This, in turn, systemizes the entire chain included with UID labels: From reading unique codes to proof checking; to storing of valuable information that might be necessary at a later time. However, before one chooses any particular model it is wise to inquire about features and functions. It is also necessary to research the application process, as well as the advantages and utility factors of UID scanners. Compared to other UID scanners, the Lockheed Martin IUID scanner is fairly priced. For more information, please visit

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