Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UID Registry Submission- Requirements for UID Compliance

The requirements of UID Registry for the UID compliance of data are the must-know for the contractors while submitting the data to UID Registry.

According to the Department of Defense the data of the UID marking for the items should be submitted to the UID Registry. UID Registry is repository of UID data that can be accessed by the DoD personnel to keep track of the items. However, it is also crucial that the contractors, while submitting the data, should ensure that the data comply with the UID standards. The correct and complete data of the item UID plays a key role in the item management and item tracking process of the DoD.

The UID Registry standards check numerous factors of the UID data to accept or reject the data submitted by the contractors. If the markings match their requirements, they’ll accept it otherwise reject it.

Marking of Item with Unique Identification

After the DoD assigns each item with a unique identification, the UIDs of the items are etched on the items or the labels that is affixed to the item. The UID Registry is particular about the compliance of the UID data with the UID standards. Hence, it is mandatory that UID data should be entered as 2D data matrix code and be in accordance with the MIL-STD-130 criteria. Whether the barcode is entered with direct part marking or as UID labels, they play a key role while submitting the UID data to the UID Registry. Any item, be it government furnished property, DoD qualifying deliverables or property under possession of the contractors should be marked with UID before they are submitted to UID Registry.

Verification of the Marking

At the time of UID data submission to the UID Registry, the DoD feels the significance of verifying the marking of the items and the labels for their acceptability. The UID Registry standards of marking verification are based on the marking technology or procedure (direct part marking or application of UID labels) and the marking formats (Construct #1 and Construct #2) in which the 2D data matrix codes are entered.

Validation of Data

It the ISO 15434 requirements that decides the validation of UID data and marking. Starting from the accuracy of data the standard requires accurate syntax and formatting of the 2D data matrix code including the identifier, serial number and other required codes.

Scanning of the UID data

The essential business practice needs scanning of UID data before the items are taken into custody. The UID Registry also mandates the scanning of UID data provided by the contractors to check their validity.

UID Registry Submission

The MIL-STD-130 has mandated that the contractors should submit the UID data to UID Registry either directly or through the WAWF. Registering into the UID Registry is the important step for the contractors before the submission of data to UID Registry.

Item tracking and Location of the Item

All the UID qualified items are tracked to a specific location. The UID marking of the items helps to access the item information which enhances accuracy of reporting. Although the step is not an essential part of UID Registry submission process, it is an essential part of error-free item management process.

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