Monday, July 6, 2009

An Introduction to UID

The IUID program of the DoD has introduced the UID marking system for the DoD items for enhanced management of the items. The UID is a globally unique identifier of the item that makes the particular item distinguished from all other items. There are some distinct criteria for the UID marking and the items or parts that qualify the requirements must be assigned with a unique identification. The contractors or the suppliers are generally responsible for marking the items with UID.

What is UID?

UID is a 2 dimensional data matrix barcode that is either engraved directly on the surface of the item or marked on UID labels or nameplates that are affixed to the item. As the UID simplifies the item management and the item tracking process of the DoD, it is required that the marking should be permanent for the life of the item. As the IUID program is a foundation to the item visibility across all the departments of DoD, improved life cycle item management, they need to be marked with correct format and correct data.

The DoD requires that the contractors must select the UID marking methods depending on the requirements and the item that are being marked. As the data elements are entered in the 2D data matrix barcode format, it also requires a barcode reader to get identified. The most important is, the contractors or suppliers need to follow the instructions stated by the DoD while marking the items to meet the DoD standard.

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