Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UID Data Verification and Submission to UID Registry

Submission of UID data to the UID Registry is an important process of DoD which requires careful attention to different aspects.

The US Department of Defense introduced the system of submitting the UID data of the items to UID registry during November 2004. UID registry is the storehouse of information about the DoD items and their UID data. The submission to UID registry is important as it enhances the maintenance of data and helps the DoD personnel to keep track of the items easily. In other words, the system of submitting data to the UID Registry enhances the item tracking process across the department of Defense. The records that are stored can be accessed for further use as they contain data such as acquisition or manufacture of the items, their maintenance date or process, repairing information etc. Hence, looking at the significance of the UID data in the DoD, the department has mandated that the UID data entered to the UID registry should comply with the MIL-STD-130 standard.

Submission to the UID Registry is crucial for the item management process of the DoD and it is also essential that the data are correctly entered. Part number, enterprise code, serial number of the item, issuing agency code, construct type (construct #1 or Construct #2), etc. are the basic data required for the submission so as to maintain a balance between different types of data. The UID data required on the items are machine readable 2D data matrix codes and human readable UID data. And it is required that both kind of data should be submitted to the UID Registry.

There are certain aspects of submitting data and the contractors are required to follow them so as to get accepted. Although the data should be entered in the XML format, there are other aspects to be considered.

UID Registry Schema Review

It has been stated that the data format should be converted into XML format before making their way to UID Registry. However, it is crucial that the external files of the property management database are modified according to the UID registry schema anf requirements before the files are converted to XML formats. Basing on the GFP, the versions of the schema have been continuously changing and the latest version that is being used for the UID Registry is the 3.0.

Data Format Adjustment for the Submission

The UID Registry maintenance team has prepared a data format for the submission process and the contractors are required to modify their format according to the standard. Depending on the products and details that are required to be submitted, the formats of the data are modified. If required, the formats are changed even after changing them to XML format.

UID Test Registry- The Testing Solution

Before making it to the UID Registry the UID data are submitted to the UID test Registry for verification. The UID production approves the data and sends it to the GEX certified VAN provider. GEX certified VAN provider ensures that the data are submitted to the UID registry’s FTP services.

It is important that the submitted data are approved by the UID Registry. However, the approval or rejection is mentioned through the website of UID Registry.

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