Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Do UID Labels and UID Nameplates Affect Your UID Compliance?

An Introduction to UID Label

The Unique Item Identifier (UID) labels and UID nameplates play a critical role in the process of achieving UID compliance from the Department of Defense (DoD). As a matter of fact, UID labels are mandatory, particularly when you want your items to be UID compliant. Only after correct UID labels are on your items are you qualified to apply for UID Registry. In recent times, UID label is used for all the Department’s identification requirements and serialization tracking programs (SNTs). Selecting the right UID label is extremely important for achieving UID compliance. The UID Labels, UID tags and UID nameplate s you use must be long-lasting under challenging climatic conditions and should not wear away.

To manufacture the UID labels, there is a huge choice of materials to select from such as stainless steel, polyester, aluminum or laser marked adhesive backed tape. However, the UID label s or plates have to meet the MIL STD 130 code standards.

All companies requiring UID labels, UID nameplates, and Mil-Std 130M UID compliance can be described in the three main categories that are stated as follows:

Full Resource Medium-to-Large Size Companies
– Usually these companies have all the available resources to fully implement Mil-Std 130M compliant label and tag, UID verification and WAWF and UID registering processes. Yet, they still search for a UID partner that can help them choose suitable UID equipment or processes for their operation.

Limited Resource Small-to-Medium Size Companies – These companies have a Mil-Std 130 requirement but cannot afford to buy thermal transfer printers, CO2 laser etching equipment or UID label verification equipment and qualified staff to cater the UID orders. Thus, they generally look for a reliable UID partner who can offer UID compliance labels, UID nameplates, verification reports and also a process to submit UID information to the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and UID Registry.

Selective Resource Medium-to-Large Size Companies – Even though these companies have abundant resources to implement the critical equipment and processes to attain Mil-Std 130 UID compliance, they choose to partner with a vendor that can provide UID labels and UID nameplate s including on-demand and verification reports in a timely fashion.

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