Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What is ATA SPEC2000?

ATA stands for the Airline Transport Association. SPEC2000 is promulgated by the ATA is concerned with today’s automation methodology that is widely used in the aviation sector. This requirement for automated data collection has evolved through the need for marking aircraft parts and tracking maintenance and service throughout each part’s life cycle. This extensive tracking and data collection enables manufacturers throughout the aerospace industry to ensure higher quality production, improved safety, and timely maintenance – ultimately resulting in greater safety for all end customers.

ATA SPEC2000 includes extensive and well-formulated guidelines based on proven processes. Briefly, ATA Spec2000 specifications influence a broad range of factors throughout this industry and include compliance requirements for manufacturers producing parts and equipment used in aerospace as well as the maintenance processes. Compliant automated data collection (ADC) processes implement the use of a 2D data matrix bar code as well as RFID technology for identification of aircraft products and parts.

Airlines for America collaboratively manage the standards governing business-to-business interaction throughout the commercial airline industry. These standards include detailed specifications and guidelines for part marking, spares interchange, and warranty, among other relevant areas of this industry. SPEC2000 has completed chapters for each of the diverse disciplines it must govern, for example, Chapter 9 provides an explanation of part marking standards.

Though the specifications of ATA SPEC2000 are vast, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of passengers and the safety of the aircraft as a whole. Additionally, these specifications are designed to minimize any problems that the aircraft industry may experience in its supply chain. This specification helps to streamline the process while reducing costs associated with the industry. This method of information exchange has created vast improvements i and has reduced the time and money needed to effectively run aircraft operations. Members of the industry are encouraged to learn more about this and other specifications relating to the industry.

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