Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Purpose of IUID Labels

IUID labels contain item unique identification data that is required by all contractors manufacturing or distributing products and parts to the United States Department of Defense (DoD). IUID marking has been made mandatory by the Department of Defense to ensure the presence of quality in products, while also ensuring that all assets are fully trackable throughout the U.S. DoD. This particular identification standard has been created to continually track and analyze such items throughout their full lifecycle of use. All labels, or direct-part markings, must work in compliance with the guidelines that have been established by MIL-STD-130. Adhering to these specifications is required for successful government contracts.

services to customers and comply with the most up-to-date requirements established by the Department of Defense policies related to IUID. The Department of Defense has made it mandatory for all government suppliers and contractors who supply defense items to possess IUID markings in order to comply with contracted terms.

There are many requirements to be followed to be accepted by the DoD and some of these requirements are outlined below.

These globally recognized labels must be durable so that they are able to withstand friction, abrasion, chemical reactions, and all types of weather conditions. They must also be fade resistant and anti-counterfeit in nature. Moreover, the labels must be clear and distinct as they include the complete information about the affixed products. Marks and labels must remain legible and durable for the complete lifetime or lifecycle of the product.

Considering the nature of products for which these Department of Defense standardized labels are being used, the substrates used include a variety of materials from aluminum and polyimide to polyester and more. Laser and programmable stylus marking methods are also used in order to make these identification marks durable and resistant to rough conditions.

The Department of Defense has announced specific items that should include labels. According to its mandate, those items must possess a distinct and permanent identification throughout their lifespan. For any IUID service provider it has become essential to stay informed and remain in touch with resources that help them provide the right product with proper specifications.

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