Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Unique Identification: Some Facts to Know

Security is a major factor for the U.S. Army. That is why the US Army has established a very efficient identification program for all property that it owns and manages, as well as for all the supplies that it requires. This program, known by most professionals as a UID program, is a highly effective item unique identification program. Certain rules have been formulated to mandate this process and today all products, supplies, and parts used by various offices of the U.S. Department of Defense are required to contain compliant UID markings. Complete explanations of these processes and their requirements are available within current MIL STD 130 guidelines. According to MIL STD 130, all property and supplies owned by the U.S. Department of Defense; including those items stocked, purchased, manufactured, and transported must possess a permanent and compliant UID marking.

This UID mark not only enhances basic traceability of supplies and assets, it also improves the ability to manage overall security and safety. Every product a contractor supplies to the DoD must fulfill UID compliance; meaning that the products must contain UID markings. In addition to possessing the UID mark or tag, there are very specific guidelines supplied for compliant nomenclature. Complete requirements are outlined in MIL STD 130 guidelines.

According to MIL STD 130 every product should have a label that will display its UID number and manufacturing data. This identification is also required to be permanent and able to endure harsh environmental conditions and weathering. Today’s UID labels are required to be long lasting and durable – in fact, these markings are required to sustain the full lifetime or maintenance cycle of a given product. Most manufacturers prefer to either mark MIL STD 130 compliant identification directly onto the part in question, or affix a permanent metal or plastic tag to an item.

If you are an entrepreneur who depends solely on business with the Army, then you are required to be very serious about the UID compliance of your products. If the rules and regulations of MIL STD 130 seem to be pretty difficult and complex you may wish to seek the help of an experienced ID solutions provider such as ID integration, Inc. They will provide you expert interpretation of these rules and regulations for MIL STD 130 compliance. They will also make sure that all your products fulfill demands of the requirements of MIL STD 130 compliance. Getting the right help, is an easy way to greatly reduce your stress regarding UID compliance. To gather more knowledge on UID and MIL STD 130 you should visit: http://www.id-integration.com/uid-marking.htm. ID Integration, Inc. offers a wide range of identification solutions to help you meet compliance and also streamline production processes while improving profit through efficiency.

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