Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Integrated Innovation: Lockheed Martin IUID Scanners

The term UID represents the item unique identification for applications involving contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. The Department of Defense (DOD) currently requires all suppliers to comply with the MIL STD 130 specifications for successful contracts. The purpose behind this requirement is to tighten the security and tracking of these items, their distribution, and usage. UID marks also help to better manage the tracking of maintenance to various products and equipment. Ultimately, UID labels help many offices of the U.S. military to maintain an organized database that enables full management of all government assets for the full lifetime of every item.

Today, there are many manufacturers struggling to meet the stringent guidelines for UID labels and compliance. However, this process is quite a bit more complicated than printing a detailed identification mark or tag. Full specifications can be found within the published MIL STD 130 guidelines, however many suppliers prefer to obtain guidance from seasoned integrators. One thing that’s highly recommended for most of these applications is a method to verify that UID labels and direct part markings are compliant and legible.

Recently, ID Integration, Inc., a foremost authority in the UID industry, has launched a series of scanners with intuitive and easy to use features. These Lockheed Martin IUID scanners feature the unique SmartScan™ technology, which offers a wide range of benefits that exceed the average bar code scanner. Additionally, the Lockheed Martin IUID scanners are provide UID compliance verification functions at the lowest price point on the market along with a host of other bells and whistles that suppliers striving to achieve UID compliance will truly appreciate.

Available in corded, cordless (battery powered), and Bluetooth wireless models, these Code Corp scanners are high performance tools for most any UID application. From 1-D to 2-D bar code support, right out of the box, the Lockheed Martin IUID scanners have the ability to scan a variety of bar code symbologies as well as OCR text, and image jpgs. Other advanced features include the ability for users to choose between many modes that include UID Validation with Raw data output, Concatenated UII output, or Parsed UID output.

With a 6” wide field of view, these smarter Lockheed Martin IUID scanners also provide the most thorough IUID error reporting and UID labels quality checks. These units are fully capable of outputting multiple errors, not just the first one, along with suggestions for error resolution. For UID compliance needs, these advanced scanners offer a full arsenal of features that will help any production process to become more streamlined and efficient. Visit ID Integration, Inc. to learn more about these cutting-edge Lockheed Martin IUID scanners or to learn more about UID applications, in general, online at www.uidscanner.com.

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