Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Revolution Created by Gary Moe & ID-Integration

It is common to hear about Gary Moe & ID-integration especially where the military is concerned. Unique identification techniques are vital for any large businesses and the Department of Defense has taken full advantage of this fact. The department currently requires all government supplied properties in the possession of contractors or manufacturers to be marked to meet with the requirements set in place with the MIL STD 130, identification standard. To comply with the standards set, there are certain considerations that organizations must keep in mind.

Gary Moe and ID Integration solutions are very flexible; especially when it comes to the marking methodology that is applied for displaying these unique identifiers. There are a large number of compliant marking technologies including laser printing, ink jet printing, chemical etching, indenting, and labeling or tagging; among many others. In many cases, the marking is applied directly to the part itself rather than on a tag that may have a little less permanence.

There are particular standards that need to be met for the UID nomenclature used including stringent bar code specifications. All of these standards are easily met with the expertise and guidance of Gary Moe and ID-Integration. The identification marking that is used must be permanent; or at least last the full lifetime, or lifecycle, of a part or product. A lifecycle is often referred to as the complete maintenance cycle of a part.

Gary Moe and ID-Integration provide all the means of securing a MIL STD 130 compliant setup. From identification markers to bar code scanners and other production equipment – they have the necessary solutions for all your DoD needs. In some cases, a product or part may already contain a unique identification number. Examples of such products include a vehicle with its very specialized VIN number as well as a cell phone’s serial number. These items already possess unique identification, so they are not required to repeat this process for compliance. Often these UID’s are simply included in the data capture and analysis stages to ensure proper compliance in all facets of the DoD’s stringent requirements.

It is not always easy to comply, but Gary Moe & ID Integration makes it easier to get started and can assist a company by handling many of the challenging details involved. For the best results, many business owners believe it is important to seek a company that offers such professional integration services.

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