Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learn About Gary Moe & ID-Integration

Gary Moe and ID-Integration became popular when the military decided to revise the identification system they used to mark US military property and component parts. This standard is referred to as MIL STD 130 and it is applicable to all the suppliers who provide items to the Department of Defense. A DoD integration expert; President, and Chairman of the UID supplier Alliance, Gary Moe, has introduced methods and solutions to meet this higher set of standards through his leadership of ID-Integration.

Poor inventory control and increased costs to maintain these stores led the military to a more controlled process for improved quality control and tracking of all assets and components. These improved standards require that each supplier manufacture the items they provide with a specific identification system. The system used for Gary Moe & ID-Integration usually includes 2D matrix bar codes with serial numbers, part numbers, and a Commercial and Government Entity Code, among many other specifications.

To streamline the entire process, the Department of Defense also made it necessary for suppliers to mark all shipping containers. The containers must to include a specific code and all these details are included in the Gary Moe and ID-Integration process for MIL STD 129 and MIL STD 130 readiness. This standard categorizes shipping containers into intermediate, unit, and exterior containers. Each container has to have a National Stock Number, part number, and item description. Exterior containers need to possess a serial number bar code, military shipment level, and direct-vendor delivery level among other items. The codes used should be readable by both bar code scanners and humans. Many companies rely on the professional assistance of Gary Moe and ID-Integration solutions for compliance.

Gary Moe and ID-Integration have the experience and knowledge to make DoD compliance easier for any organization. When choosing a company for such integration services, it is better to select one that has been around for a longer time frame. This will prevent expensive mistakes during the process.

The proven Gary Moe and ID-Integration solutions have been put in place to provide an improved opportunity for the Department of Defense to manage its manufacturing, distribution, and logistics processes. In the MIL STD 129 standards, there are two markings that are required. The first one should be legible to humans while the second marking must be readable by approved machines. Storage and retrieval of data is also an essential part of the solutions provided by Gary Moe and ID-Integration. Every item that is marked can be included in an organization's central database for thorough analysis and safety tracking.

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