Thursday, August 26, 2010

UID Scanner: A Brief Overview

Every day there are hundreds of new technological gadgets and devices released onto the market. Some of them are extremely useful to society and the individual by providing useful convinces to our everyday life; although, some of these new inventions and technologies are not as useful. One such new technology that is useful to our everyday lives is the UID scanner. The UID scanner is a new device that was created the DoD (Department of Defense) to help track packages and other items that were shipped.

The true genius of the UID Scanner comes from the fact that it can easily integrate into any existing shipping business with little to no hassle and instantly increase the efficiency of any and all shipping processes. The UID Scanner works by scanning IUID labels on any surface or package and reads a 2D Data Matrix symbol by doing this it can easily be directly applied to specific tangible items to help facilitate item tracking in DoD business systems. This can easily help keep track of which items are were and help to prevent losing items or theft. The data can also be used for management, financial, accountability, and asset management purposes.

One of the devices that do the UID scanning is the Microscan UID DPM Verifier. The Microscan UID DPM Verifier is one of the many new UID scanners now available for purchase. The Microscan UID DPM Verifier provides many great features that should be expected in a UID scanner such as ISO/IEC 16022, ISO/IEC 15415, and AS9132 scanning. It also has an Ethernet port for connection to the Internet for the purpose of tracking packages and storing information. Another quality UID scanner on the market today is the Microscan UID LDP Verifier. Similar to the DPM verifier in purpose this UID scanner is visually different.

Anyone looking at new and emerging technologies in the world today should look no further than UID scanner technology. By allowing easy scanning and tracking of packages the UID scanner technology can ensure safe delivery and arrival and give accurate shipping times, while increasing the efficiently of the entire process.

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