Thursday, August 26, 2010

IUID Implementation

Item Unique Identification or IUID as it is known as, is the military specification for identifying each tangible item or asset and distinguishing it in inventory. The IUID specification calls for permanent labeling of each asset with a unique identifying string and barcode. The technology behind these markings is what ID-Integration covers. From barcode scanners to barcode tagging systems, ID-Integration handles the full range of IUID implementation in compliance with the Department of Defense.

IUID, also known by the designation MIL-STD-130, is being implemented so as to provide asset control to all the various items that the Department of Defense has in its inventory system. Each item is specified to having a permanent identifying tag affixed to the part, or in case of lot or batch items, an item batch number that identifies the entire lot of parts. These tags must be of a permanent nature that will last for the lifetime of the item. Each IUID label must be affixed in such a way as to allow the ID number to be scanned or read by an inventory control device such as a barcode scanner.

The specification by the Department of Defense for identifying inventory, also known as Spec. 525.211-7003 calls for the use of a unique two dimensional tag or marking, which allows the identification of the specific part or lot as the case may be. This 2-D matrix identifier must meet specific criteria in its composition according to normal industry standards for encoding. Each matrix tag must be in a unique and permanent format that will last for the life of the part being tagged.

ID-Integration can handle the implementation of IUID for your company from tagging systems to inventory control (barcode) readers. In the case of tagging systems ID-Integration can help in coming up with Department of Defense compliant tags that are fully compatible with the full range of IUID specifications. Since there are many different iterations for IUID compliance depending on size, type, or make of part, it can be difficult for manufacturers to develop a fully compliant labeling system. That is where the experts at ID-Integration can be of help, in threading the maze to fully compliant labeling for your product inventory.

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