Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MIL-STD-130 Compliant UID Scanners

The Unique Item Identification or UID Scanner is ideal for reading labels that have been marked with unique barcodes and cannot be read by any other device. The UID is a standard introduced by the Department of Defense that requires assets to have a unique and universal mark of identification. The DoD requires the use of UID labels that enables it to separate one item from the other and easily keep track and record of various items. The labels contain a 2D matrix system barcode that contains the item’s part number and its serial number that can only be read by a UID Scanner.

For the UID label to be authorized, it has to meet MIL-STD-130 specifications and standards that are approved by the Department of Defense. Items having this standard are identified as UID certified and their markings can be distinguished from other items markings. In accordance with the MIL-STD-130 spec, items marked with the unique code can only be read by use of a UID Scanner.

Using the Automated Identification Technology or AIT, the UID scanner helps in decoding of the UID data elements that are imprinted on the UID labels. As it decodes and derives data elements from the UID, the scanner identifies each of the data elements, which are then introduced to the UID scanner alongside the items prefixes. The data prefixes are utilized in form of numeric Application Identifiers or AI, alphanumeric Data Identifiers or DI and the Text Element Identifiers or the TEI.

For the label to be read by the scanner, it has to meet the standards as set out by the MIL-STD-130 spec. The standard requires that the label should in no way damage or cause harm to the item. In addition, the materials used for designing the labels should be durable and not easily affected by adverse weather conditions, sunlight and chemicals among others. To ensure the UID markings are read by the UID scanner they have to comply with the standards set out by the MIL-STD-130 spec. To get more information and expert advice on the UID and types of scanners to use, consult experts at ID-Integration.

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