Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DoD Certified UID Scanners And Their Benefits

Unique Item Identification or the UIDs are special recognition marks that are used on items in an attempt of distinguishing them from others and enabling owners to keep track of them. The UID is engraved or affixed on items in form of a 2D data barcode system, which is then read by a UID scanner so as to decode the data elements of the item. In order for the UID items to be recognized, the DoD introduced what are known as the MIL-STD-130 specs that among other things require that the item’s acquisition value be more than $5000 and that it be serially managed.

An UID scanner is an application that has been developed for UID clients that is able read 2D matrix barcode systems on all of the UID labels or markings. These devices are effective in reading all types of labels that have met the MIL-STD-130 spec. The use of the UID scanner has enabled businesses, both large and small to transform their operations. These highly effective products are considered to be indispensable mainly because of the various advantages derived from them.

The UID scanner, which is able to read all MIL-STD-130 labels allows for data to be entered at very high speeds. Usually, it takes an individual between 10 to 20 seconds to manually enter digits of a barcode. However, with a UID scanner is able to capture the barcode in less than one second, allowing for large volumes of operations to be carried out in the shortest time possible. The other advantage of the UID scanner is that it is able to capture data with pinpoint accuracy; there are no more incorrect entries.

The use of the UID scanner on MIL-ST-130 certified UID labels ensures quicker and accurate capture of item information that guarantees smooth operation of the business. In addition to this, learning how to operate the UID scanner is simple and very easy. The scanner uses the very latest technology to be able to read the serial and part numbers of items. To be able to benefit from this technology, get in touch with UID scanner experts at ID-Integration.

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