Tuesday, September 8, 2009

UID Registry Submission Process For the Vendors

Submission to the UID Registry is an important process for the vendors while shipping or delivering the items and the shipment to the DoD.

The contractors or vendors, who ship items to the DoD, are required to include the UID data of the shipment along with the items. The UID data of the items are submitted to the UID Registry by the suppliers or the vendors. According to the UID guidelines and standards, certain data elements about the shipment are mandatory to get uploaded to the data base of the UID Registry. Actually, the UID Registry is a depository of information about the UID data of the DoD items. As the UID programs for the DoD items have been introduced to keep track of the items and enhance the item management program of the DoD, the UID data stored in UID Registry becomes the source of accessing information. Hence, it is essential for the contractors to be careful about the data that they submit for verification.

The Vendor Information Required for Submission to UID Registry

UID Registry contain all required info about the DoD items that are useful to keep record of the item beginning from the production or procurement of the items to their withdrawal. Hence, the vendors need to submit correct data of each shipment that contains items with UII. The required data are Vendor Name, Gov’t. Contract Number, Gov’t. Delivery Order (D.O.) Number, GDLS Purchase Order (P.O.) Number, Shipment Number, Ship Date, Carrier and Tracking Number, Ship-to Address, Ship-to Address DoDAAC. The data required for each UII qualified item in the shipment are GDLS Purchase Order Line Item Number, EIN Issuing Agency Code, Enterprise Identification Number, Original Part Number, Current Part Number, Serial Number, UII Number, UII Type, Parent UII Number, P.O. Unit Price, and attached validation report.

In case the part number of a UID Registered item changes, the data elements that are included along with the UID information are original part number, current part number and effective date of the current part number. The information should be submitted by the vendors to the UID Registry.

The Required Format for Submission to UID Registry

There is a UID Registry maintenance team that receives the UID data from the vendors and requires that data should be entered in a particular format. This format is meant to maintain equilibrium between the documents submitted by various contractors. The vendors are required to follow the particular data while submitting the details. The formats of the data are modified according to the products and the details that are going to be submitted by the vendor. The general format for the document is XML format.

In case the contractors don’t have their document in the required format, they need to change their documents to XML format before being submitted to UID Registry. The external files of the property management database are adjusted and rewritten according to the UID requirements and the UID Registry schema.

The Government has right to inspect the UID data for the quality verification. The vendors are required to produce IUID quality verification reports at the time of material shipment. However, before submitting the UID data to the UID Registry the vendor must register themselves with the UID Registry to obtain access right and login credentials to the UID Registry.

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