Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UID Marking Information Required for the Vendors

The vendor information required for submission of data to the UID Registry is defined in the guidelines provided by the Department of Defense. It also provides details of submission of data to the UID registry.

According to the IUID standards and guidelines, the vendors are required to upload certain data into the UID Registry to support the submittal of IUID data. While submitting the items, the data must be included with the shipment notification. The information required to submit data are discussed below.

Necessary Vendor Information

At the time of shipment of the material to the procuring General Dynamic Business Unit, the vendor has to provide the following necessary data for each item or unit that require IUID marking.

1. Vendor Name
2. Gov’t. Contract Number
3. Gov’t. Delivery Order (D.O.) Number
4. GDLS Purchase Order (P.O.) Number
5. Shipment Number (if multiple shipments; e.g., back-ordered item)
6. Ship Date
7. Carrier and Tracking Number
8. Ship-to Address
9. Ship-to Address DoDAAC

The embedded item is marked with its parent end item IUID. As all the items of the Government are not controlled on the basis of batch or lot, the batch number or lot number is not a part of concatenated IUID marking. In case there is a need for the lot number, the GDLS informs the vendors about the requirement with purchase order.

When there is a need for a change in the IUID of the registered item, the additional data included in the IUID marking are original part number, current part number and the current part number effective date.

Vendor Information Required for the Submittal Format

There is a specific format in which the vendor should submit the data to the General Dynamic Business Unit. The required information for the submission is arranged in a tabular format for which Microsoft Excel file is generally preferred. An alternative to the excel sheet format is comma-separate-variable file. Each field is identified with maximum alfa-numeric characters. For the items that require IUID marking, a separate row is used.

Information Provided by GDLS for IUID Marking

The vendors are provided with certain information by the GDLS with the purchase order. The info are

1. Purchase Order Number
2. Gov’t. Contract Number
3. Gov’t. Delivery Order (D.O.) Number
4. Ship-to Address
5. Ship-to Address DoDAAC
6. The items in the GDLS purchased order that require IUID marking should be so identified.

Quality Verification of IUID Marking

An essential part of data submission is the quality verification of the IUID marking as it is required by the IUID standards. The verifications are performed either on a sample basis or on each label. The Government verifies the data in accordance with the Quality Verification records of the IUID. At the time of material shipment, the vendors are required to maintain a said record or provide IUID label Quality Verification reports.

The registration data is the most important part of UID registry submission process. IUID marking of items are crucial for item identification and management of the items. The U.S. Department of Defense has defined the guidelines for the vendors about IUID marking and submittal of required data to the UID Registry. The vendors are required to follow the IUID marking guidelines so that the marking should comply with the IUID standards.

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