Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Analyzing Printer Features for IUID Marking

IUID marking plays a critical role in asset management for the Department of Defense. Hence, choosing the right kind of printer for the marking is critical for the contractors and vendors.

IUID marking is the fundamental of IUID asset management process. The contractor or vendors, who use the printers for IUID labels, must pay attention that the IUID markings should meet the DoD requirements. In such a scenario selecting the right kind of printer makes a lot of difference to the IUID marking operation. Although many types of printers are available for the operation, the printer that is feasible for the purpose should have some criteria for quality marking.

Printing Methods

Basically, the thermal printing is done with direct-thermal and thermal-transfer models. The thermal-transfer is a better option for IUID marking as it creates better-quality and long-lasting images on the IUID labels. In the industrial environment and multiple industries the method is being used for its durability.


While selecting the printer for IUID marking, the vendor should ensure that the printer can contain the media sizes required for the labels. It is also important for the vendors that they can supply the UID labels with marking that can resist heat, chemical and abrasion in the correct sizes.

The importance of compatible media can be observed in the long run. With the use of non-optimized media the IUID markings there are risk of the markings getting fade over time or become illegible. The protective coating and label adhesive may not work the incompatible media may also lead to failure of IUID marking.


The Data Matrix symbols of IUID marking require diverse printing operations. Hence, the printer that can produce variable Data Matrix symbol can be more useful. It is important that the vendors should check if the printer is able to meet the UID label output requirements, especially when they use automatic label operators and it requires high volume of printing.

The printer performance also includes print resolution and symbol sizes. Printers with high resolutions are better options for the IUID marking purpose. It is the responsibility of the vendors to ensure that the selected printer can satisfy the specific needs of the organization.

Convenience of Use

The labor and time required for the printing operation is determined by the printer design and operation capabilities. For many DoD contractors, IUID marking is a crucial part of their work assignment. Hence, the printer plays a key role for them and they should judge the reliability and productivity of the printer by analyzing the ease of changing ribbons, loading labels and clearing simple errors. The printer that can minimize the maintenance and management tasks of the system administrators is the best option for IUID marking.

Host Compatibility

For the UID operation of the IUID marking it is important to have host compatibility of the printers. The data for the UID labels are shared for different management purpose with the WAWF application. With the Remote management system the administrator can take advantage of networkable printers for upgrades and troubleshooting.

The printer for IUID marking should have media support, connectivity, and ease of use. Basically, the vendors should choose the printer that can support the IT infrastructure and other operational needs of the organization.

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