Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Various Features of IUID Marking

The IUID marking has numerous functional benefits for the DoD. However, the marking system has various aspects that are essential to be taken care of while marking the items.

According to the Department of Defense, the items that require DoD recognized IUID marking may include government furnished property in the possession of the contractors, items procured under ongoing contracts and new solicitations, and items in inventory, operational use, or undergoing depot maintenance. As the IUID marking program is a strategic program of marking the items with a globally unique identification number, it has become an essential aspect of asset management for the Department of Defense. Looking at the functionality of the IUID marking, the DoD has made it obligatory for all the items that department owns or buys.

Advantages of IUID marking

  • The IUID marking program ensures the enhanced traceability and visibility of the uniquely identified items across the Department of Defense.
  • IUID marking is considered as an aid to DoD’s financial management statement as the data provided in the UID are used for operating materials and equipment management, and audit of the property.
  • As data available for the similar items are better handled with their unique identification,IUID marking is a strategic approach to purchasing the items.
  • As the IUID marking of the items are for the functional life-time of the item, the DoD can achieve a long-term and improved management with the available data.
  • IUID marking is also a great help to the mission oriented activities that require improved execution and planning.
  • As the IUID marking program has enhanced the efficiency of the items, the DoD has been able to reduce its frustration and improve the availability of the items.
  • The consistent use of lifecycle asset information has literally reduced the cost of personal property management.

The Basic Formats of IUID Marking

The IUID marking requirements for the DoD recognized items include product serial number, product part number and manufacturer’s enterprise identifier. The data required for the marking is entered as machine readable 2D data matrix code and decoded with the help of data matrix scanner.

There are two basic format of IUID marking –

Construction #1- serialization within enterprise identifier

Construction #2- serialization within the original part number, batch number or the lot number

Basically, the constructs are two types of templates meant to mark the DoD UID to the items.

Basic Requirements of IUID Marking

According the DoD mandate the IUID marking of the items should comply with the standard set by the MIL-STD-130. The IUID marking can be applied to the items using to alternative methods- Direct Part Marking and Nameplates or Labels. If the environment of the parts doesn’t allow for the direct part marking, use of nameplates or labels becomes the ultimate choice. Whatever may be the method of IUID marking, it is essential that the marking should be permanent for the functional lifecycle of the item. There are certain other aspects that are considered while IUID marking.

  • The IUID marking should be able to resist environmental conditions and chemicals.
  • The color of the text and its background should be contrasting
  • The IUID marking should be permanent.

The data entered for the IUID marking should be accurate.

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