Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The IUID Marking Requirements for the DoD

The IUID marking of the items in the Department of Defense needs some specific requirements for improved marking systems of the items.

Normally, an IUID marking is required for the items at the US Department of Defense for their easy classification and serialization. The IUID marking include an encoded data string etched with 2 dimensional data matrix symbols.

The machine readable information (2D Data Matrix) of the IUID marking is required to match the standard of MIL-STD-130. The contractors or the suppliers need to specify some of the essential data in the proposal for IUID marking of parts. The data includes construct, marking methodology, syntax, and quality methodology that are selected for IUID marking of the parts.

IUID Marking requirements

According to the IUID part marking requirements

  • The nameplates and the labels for IUID marking of the parts are preferred over the direct part marking. Direct part marking is preferred only when the environment and size of the parts are not suitable for labels.
  • The nameplates and labels should be designed with a metallic or white background with black letters or high contrast black background with metallic or white letters.

There are some other IUID Marking Requirements for the Contractors

The instructions defined for the vendors and contractors mentions that the IUID of the parts are essential for their submission to UID Registry. The instruction provides information about the application of a 2D data matrix symbol, encoded data and the submission of required data to UID Registry. The main purpose of the Vendor Instruction is to educate the contractors and subcontractors about the generic IUID marking requirements for delivery of materials to the DoD customers.

  • The IUID of each part should be unique and clear. The selected contractors use a third party to provide IUID marking and it should be mentioned in the contract. The parts registered with duplicate IUID marking shall be rejected by the authority.
  • The contractors need to identify the place of IUID marking for each affected part number. If the IUID is placed on the nameplate that contains the current part number, the nameplates should be able to contain the original IUID. The contractors are also required to place the IUID marking outside the existing nameplate, on a permanent nameplate. The principal aim is to make the IUID viewable.
  • The applied IUID marking are required to be permanent under normal service conditions for the life of the part.

The contractors should also ensure that the DoD recognized IUID marking on the part use one of the following data qualifiers:
  • Data identifiers
  • Application Identifiers
  • Text Element Identifiers

All the delivered items whose unit acquisition cost is more that $5000 requires DoD recognized IUID marking. The DoD policy has determined that the contractors should identify the sub line, contract line or exhibit line item number along with the item description for each item that costs below $5000 or that requires unique identification.

With all these policies and instruction for the contractors about the IUID marking, the DoD intends to achieve lower cost of item management. The DoD also plans to provide reliable asset visibility and accountability of the property. However, the IUID marking system has improved the operational readiness of the items and reduced the burden of the workforce.

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