Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ensure Product Quality and Compliance within the UID Registry

The entire UID process emphasizes how to achieve specific and unique marking quality. The choice for UID marking procedures is most often approved by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). The DOD requires every military item and asset to be uniquely marked. Uniqueness is the main objective of product identification. The UID process has set guidelines to ensure uniqueness, legibility, and durability of nameplates and tags. A manufacturer or contractor must go through a registry process to ensure the uniqueness of a marked item. The UID Registry requires all nameplates to fulfill guidelines as outlined in MIL SPEC 130 and other relevant resources.

Objectives of the UID Registry

• To ensure product traceability.
• To ensure authenticity of government property.
• To secure the privacy of an organization.
• To reduce cost of item management.
• To ensure safety throughout maintenance.

The UID Registry requires a number of crucial data. The manufacturer must first obtain MIL SPEC 130 compliance prior to qualifying for registry submission. One must provide the following details for compliance:

• The type of product or parts one is liable to supply.
• The type of identifier that has been used to mark the product.
• A valid part number and serial number of the delivered item.
• Issued agency codes along with the enterprise identifier code number.
• MIL SPEC 130 sets specific depths, widths and lengths for each nameplate. During registration, one must provide details of these measured units.

Lack of compliance with military specified guidelines may lead to cancelled contracts.

Searching for help?

Today, there are a number of UID software solutions for DOD applications. These solutions help manufacturers to better integrate equipment for automated identification and data collection. Such improvements in automation can often assist these companies in achieving and maintaining compliance while also increasing production speed and quality. UID software enables these companies to eliminate the chance for human errors, while maximizing the potential by streamlining crucial production processes.

The UID Registry plays a major role in ensuring improved assets management and safety. In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense has greatly influenced much of the commercial market to implement similar identification and tracking standards to ensure consumer safety in the pharmaceutical, packaging, and other industries. To learn more about the benefits of registration and the unique identification process, log on to ID Integration at

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