Friday, June 11, 2010

How UID Can Save You Time, Money, and Efficiency

Unique Identification (UID) is a system made mandatory by the government to assist in the efficiency of logistics flow. Dealing with the Department of Defense requires use of the UID standard as detailed in the MIL-STD-130. Several other government agencies make use of the system as well for the benefits it provides.
The UID system can assist in the long-term tracking of various wares and sundries. Simple scans of UID compliant labels can increase flow of goods, lowers the cost of managing them, allows for more strategic purchasing strategies, and has a high return on accuracy for inventory counts.

All goods must include a UID for items over $5000 except in the cases where the item already possesses an unique tracking identifier. This could include a serial number such as on a weapon or a Vehicle Identification Number on a car. If a company wishes to do business with the Department of Defense or other government agencies, they will need to be compliant and use UID for their sundries.

Several different kinds of markings and labels exist that are compliant with UID policy. These can include shipping labels, laser etching and bonding, stenciling, and pinstamping. A variety of hand scanners and printers are available to help manage the flow of UID compliant materials to their respective destinations. Different solutions may work better for different companies depending on the product they are dealing with.

ID Integration, Inc. is a company dedicated to helping businesses find the solutions and equipment that work for them. Dealing with government regulations to stay compliant can be a taxing process. This is why we make it our business to provide you the expertise you need to keep your business with the government within regulation. For over fifteen years we have been providing UID shipping solutions and management to a wide array of contractors. Groups from divisions of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Army and Navy utilize our services and products for their UID compliance needs.

We are a veteran owned company, thus we take great pride in being able to ensure that our soldiers get the equipment they need in a timely fashion. If you are unsure of what equipment you need, we offer consultation to help work out the UID solution that best fits your company’s needs. Navigating government bureaucracy and standards can be difficult. We make it our job to know how to navigate these waters.

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