Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Understanding and simplifying MIL STD 130

What is MIL STD 130?

MIL STD 130 is the set of standards that the Department of Defense is using to mark, identify, and track military property. Various specifications and standards are consolidated into MIL STD 130, and if any conflicts with any other documentation arise, MIL STD 130 takes precedence. Any items that already have unique identification such as a serial number are generally excluded from MIL STD 130.

What is required for MIL STD 130 certification?

Items must be marked with either a stiff metal band that includes an identification number or a marking applied directly to the item itself. The marking should be able to survive the life of the item, including any necessary cleaning and rebuilding, and should be visible during normal use if at all possible. Every attempt should be made for the item identification to be a machine readable identification (MRI), and in the even that there is not enough room on the item for the full ID, then the most essential information should be marked. Various guidelines as to text size and font are also included in MIL STD 130, and many different industry specific guidelines also apply.

What should be included in an MRI?

There are various specifications involved in marking an item with an MRI ranging from amount of data required to the quality of the marking itself. Even the arrangement of the MRI is specific in order to assist the machines in reading the identification codes. The MRI will also be updated with any maintenance or repair performed, as well as information regarding warranties, repair facilities, dates of repair, and other data.

How to simplify things

With all of the various information that MIL STD 130 requires, it is generally best to leave the identification process to those with proven methods and standards. The experts at ID-Integration know MIL STD 130 by heart so you don't have to.

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