Sunday, October 25, 2009

UID Registry: Uncover The Significance of UID Registry to DOD

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has attempted to increase its data quality, accuracy and visibility with the Unique Identifier (UID) registry. On July 29, 2003, Acting Under Secretary of Defense Michael Wynne stated that the goal of the UID system was to assist in DoD item tracking and asset management. The UID registry is the database storage area for all tangible items that make up the barcode identification system for military property.

The UID registry is the storage repository for military property with barcode markings. This system enables the DoD to track, update and record important information related to the these items. If a product recall were to occur, the UID registry could be used for replacement of defective equipment.

Just like many large organizations, the DoD runs numerous software and hardware platforms. The UID registry is a central clearing house to ensure standardization of data across all computing systems. The Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) maintains the UID registry.

Barcode markings permit the DoD to track equipment, so they will always know its whereabouts. Updates can be made to database records; administrators can perform useful queries and searches based on the data components of the UID: type, contract and Issuing Agency Code (IAC). Other data components, like the unit acquisition cost, can be used in accounting documents for DoD financial management.

UID Registry Purpose

The UID registry permits consolidation of equipment data for DoD purposes. This government classification system has been gradually built up over time by requiring different vendor numbers for government contractors involved in military procurement. The UID registry attempts to create one key database for storage of item information in order to streamline the government contractor registration system.

Standardization across the entire DoD government procurement system is established by the UID registry, which will lead to improved item, finance and asset management. Auditing checks can be performed more easily with this uniform system. Military property, spread across the entire world, can be made more tangible with the UID registry.

UID Registry Importance

Accountants can update financial depreciation records with the lifecycle management tool - the UID registry. In the end, the UID registry should lead to reduced costs (improved financial management), due to a better understanding and more efficient approach to long-term inventory management.

The UID registry is vital to keeping track of DoD property, allowing for modification of data to achieve information management goals. It makes equipment location more tangible for DoD personnel who can ensure better data integrity, accuracy and quality.

The UID registry is a final storage area for the DoD barcode identification system, which allows for better data verification. It increases the reliability of data on military property that is used throughout the world.

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