Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UID Registry Data Submission Information

Submission of UID data to the UID Registry is crucial for the DoD contractors and hence, it is vital for them to learn various aspects of submission process.

The DoD requires that the contractors must submit the UII details of the items to UID Registry, the storehouse of UID data of the items. Any item that are eligible for UID marking – legacy item currently owned by the DoD, newly procured items and Government furnished property – must be submitted to the UID Registry. The DoD requires that the marking format, required data element and the marking methodology should be according to the MIL-STD-130 standard. Any deviation from the mentioned criteria may lead to rejection of the document. Hence, the suppliers must give proper attention to the accuracy of the data and other marking details of the items.

Who Should Submit the UID Data to the UID Registry

According to DFARS 252.211-7003 and DFARS 252.211-7007, it is the responsibility of the prime contractors to submit the UII and other DoD recognized data for unique identification to the UID Registry. For the new procurements the UII data for the items are submitted to the UID Registry under a DoD Contract. The DoD also allows voluntary submission of UID data for the Government furnished equipments. The item managers are responsible for the operational use and application of UID to the legacy items and hence, they are also required to submit the UID data of the items to the UID Registry.

When Should the UID Data be Submitted to UID Registry

For the new procurements the IUID data for the items must be submitted while creating the receiving report and electronic material inspection. Generally, it is created through Wide Area Work Flow. WAWF stores the UID data of the items and forwards the data to the UID Registry. The UID data of the Government furnished equipments must be submitted to the UID Registry before 30 September of the applicable contract year. The DoD aims at submitting the data about UID registration and marking of the legacy items before December 31, 2010.

Submission to UID Registry via WAWF

WAWF allows electronic submission of the invoices, material inspection and receiving reports. It provides a platform for the authorized DoD personnel and Government contractors to capture generate and process receipt and other payment related documents with the help of web-based interactive application.

The Required Data for Submission to UID Registry

The UID Registry is the repository of UID data where all the information is captured and accessed when necessary. The submission of UID data of the items or parts to the UID Registry requires several essential data such as UID Type (Construct 1 or 2), Entity Identifier (such as CAGE) of company assigning the UID, IAC (Issuing Agency Code) which controls the Entity ID, Part Number (Construct 2 only), Serial Number, Fully constructed UID, the item number (CLIN), shipment numbers, product identifier (NSN/PN) and unit cost. These data elements are crucial part of the UID marking and play key role in item tracking process of the DoD. The UID Registry also requires accuracy of the data elements and the contractors must pay attention to enter accurate data.

Of late, the UID Registry has started providing information through its website for the convenience of the contractors and Government personnel.

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