Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Latest UID Registry Submission Process

UID Registry acts as the central repository for all government furnished items. UID labels are a part of DoD’s serialization tracking programs (SNTs).

UID labeling or marking is a must for all government furnished items before they are submitted to the UID registry. The Department of Defense (DoD) implemented this UID registry from November 2004 and it plans to complete the unique identification naming process for all the tangible items by December 31, 2010. Through the unique identification label can be identified uniquely and hence it will be easier for the (DoD) to keep track of all items starting from acquisition, repair to maintenance. The UID labels are a part of DoD’s serialization tracking programs (SNTs). UID registry is basically a software system to keep track of different tangible items in accordance to the UID standards.

UID Registry submission process

For a successful submission to the UID registry, accuracy of data is crucial. Besides the issuing agency code (IAC), construct type info such as construct #1 or construct #2 should be mentioned. Another important info, concatenated human readable UID should also be present. The concatenated human readable UID is extracted from the 2D-matrix bar code by scanning to decoding software.

There are several methods to submit data to the UID registry. Reformatting the data in an XML transmission way is a frequently used method. There are several steps in this mode of submission process which are discussed in detail as follows.

UID Registry schema Review

Currently 3.0 is the most up-to-date version of the UID Registry schema available. It is very important to check if the external file from your property management database matches with that of UID Registry requirements, before you plan to convert the file to XML format. Also, the latest version has many changes in support of GFP.

Adjustment in the Data format

Usually certain changes are required to make the data format in accordance with the UID registry. It might be a bit time consuming since you need to match the entire format with the UID Registry maintenance team. Another important thing, depending upon your product, you need to export the data to the specific manipulation file.

Submit directly to UID Test Registry

After your data is formatted into a transferable XML document, it needs to be submitted at the test registry before making it to the UID Registry. Once it is approved by the UID Production Registry, you can send the file to a GEX certified VAN provider who ensures the file reaches the UID Registry FTP servers.

Verify the UID Registry web site for the latest approval update

After submitting to the VAN provider, it takes a minimum of 24hrs to make it into the UID registry. Then the submission approval will be available in the UID registry website.

Now the DoD has come up with Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) software solution for UID submission process. This online and paperless method is beneficial for new age contractors. They can do data submission just by clicking the UID tab and entering the appropriate information. One major benefit of this submission process is that contractors can receive their approval receipt and payment invoices in less number of days.

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