Thursday, January 29, 2009

UID Data submission process to the UID Registry

Item Unique Identification (IUID) process is must for UID registry which is accomplished by UID labels and asset tags. The Department of Defense (DoD) has mandated the use of UID labels in all Government furnished property. As per the UID policy, all UIDs are to be reported to the DoD by submitting the data to the UID Registry. Recently the DoD has come up with software solution for this submission process. Now any new procurement of end item deliverables can be submitted at the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) web site, by clicking the UID tab and entering the appropriate information. Contractors can do data submission by inputting UID data into their current WAWF data entry process.

However for a successful submission, accuracy is crucial. Hence it is necessary to enter correct data elements such as the issuing agency code (IAC), concatenated human readable UID also called the UII, and the construct type such as construct #1 or construct #2. The concatenated human readable UID is the alphanumeric string of characters that is extracted from the bar code by scanning to decoding software.

Steps for UID Submission

There are several options of submitting data to the UID registry. One prominent option is to reformat the data in an XML transmission. The process involves the following steps.

Review the UID Registry schema

Make sure you are in the most up-to-date version (currently 3) of the UID Registry schema. There are certain changes such as embedded data and custody data in support of GFP present in the latest version. Before converting the file to XML, ensure that your external file from your property management database matches the elements required by the UID Registry.

Adjust to meet specific data format obligations

Change the XML format to meet precise data format obligations. Usually it takes a longer period of time since a back and forth process with the UID Registry maintenance team is required. Another important aspect before submitting is to organize the data from specific property database. Depending upon your product, you should properly export the data to a separate file for manipulation.

Perform a submission directly to UID Test Registry

Once your data is formatted into a transferable XML document, you can submit the XML file directly to the UID Production Registry. At first the test registry at the UID needs to approve your data. Once it is done, you can directly send the file to a GEX certified VAN provider who make sure the XML file makes it to the UID Registry FTP servers.

Check the UID Registry web site

Usually it takes a day for your UID to be UID compliant and available on the UID Registry web site. So check the UID Registry web site only after a day of submitting to your VAN provider.

To ensure better understanding about the UID policy, the Department of defense has designed several UID Forums. These forums help both military personnel and DoD suppliers to understand the UID Policy compliance as per the DoD Memoranda and the issuance of the Final UID DFARS Rule.

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