Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Submission Process to IUID Registry – An Overview

The Item Unique Identification (IUID) Registry is considered as the central repository for IUID information. It helps the Department of Defense (DoD) identify the types of the item, and track the value of the item during its acquisition. The IUID information also helps track the acquisition time, and rightful custody (whether it belongs to the government or contractor).

The IUID is the key which assists DoD to locate, control and value its assets over time. Through its IUID policy, the Department of Defense has mandated that all the qualifying items must be marked with two-dimensional Data Matrix which should be encoded with a Unique Item Identifier (UID). The IUID acts as a universal method of parts identification. Unique Identification is a system devised and planned by the Department of Defense to easily distinguish one object from another throughout their life cycle process. The IUID has become an indispensable part of DoD. The IUID has been beneficial to the DoD to capture the value of items it buys, control these items during their use, and track the counterfeiting of parts over periods of time.

As the DoD’s information systems have become more web-savvy, the IUID helps with maintenance, financial integration, accountability systems and life cycle visibility of the items that are stored within it. Aside from adding to the quality of information available for management configuration, it will help in other important matters such as operational planning, logistics support and systems engineering. Simply put, the IUID Registry facilitates joint, paperless management of DoD property.

Procedure of Submitting Data in the IUID Registry

All the government manufacturing activities and commercial manufacturers must be registered with the (Central Contractor Registration (CRR) system before registration with the IUID Registry. If you are interested in doing business with Government Furnished Property, you have to submit data to the IUID Registry. The users must register themselves to acquire their login credentials and access rights before using the Controlled Access portion of the IUID Registry. In addition, you have to be a government employee or an U.S. Government Contractor with approval from the DoD Program Manager to receive login access to the IUID Registry.

What Data Must be Submitted to The UID Registry?

Some critical data that must be submitted to UID Registry includes:


Item Description

Part Number Changes

Embedded Items


Major Modifications

Initial Acquisitions


Custodial Contract Data

Contractor Custody Information

Acceptance Data


Shipment and Delivery Information

Acquisition Contract Information

Serial Number

Original Part, Lot, or Batch Number

Methods of UID Registration:

The ideal data submission method is executed through the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF), a Paperless Contracting environment. The WAWF helps contractors to transmit shipping notices electronically and DoD to perform both receipt and acceptance electronically. Novice users can reach WAWF on the Internet at https://wawf.eb.mil/ and follow the link called "Self Register to use WAWF (New Users)" to obtain access. When IUID data is transmitted as part of the WAWF submission, the IUID Registry will be automatically updated and no other contractor action is required.

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